Max | Perth Children’s Photographer

There is something magical about a 1 year old with a balloon and Max was no exception – many thanks to his god-mother for providing the balloons for him.  He has just recently learned how to walk and had a great time being chased by the ones that were tied to his pants :) 

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Holly, Simeon, Emerson, and Isaac | Perth Family Photographer

Fremantle may be one of my favourite places to take family photos and that’s not just because I can meet my wife and daughters at Little Creatures for dinner afterwards!  Of course any location becomes a favourite when you get to shoot such a lovely family.  Both Emerson and Isaac are getting to the age where they are having a lot of fun together and Emerson planted many a sloppy kiss in his brother’s cheek during the shoot.  Within 30 minutes of starting Isaac needed a costume change due to his profuse dribbling, luckily his parents had quite a few changes of clothes for him –  he needed a total of 3 :)


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