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The end of January always makes us a little nostalgic.  5 years ago we became parents and got to meet our eldest daughter for the first time.  We can’t but help thinking back to that little colicky newborn.  All the late nights and early mornings with little sleep in between; followed by her first smile, her first words, those first shaky steps.  It all seems so long ago.

This was Alyssa at just 6 days old.


She has been looking forward to two things since the start of the new year:  her 5th Birthday and starting Pre-Primary.

She had a firm idea of what she wanted for her birthday: a “pink and purple butterfly party” and a barbie doll.  We were pretty proud of the cake :)

5th Birthday Cake Butterfly5th Birthday Cake Butterfly

As soon as the birthday was over the next count down began.  Her new school bag hung on the hook taunting her but eventually the big day came.

Butterbomb First Day Of SchoolButterbomb First Day Of School (2)

The excitement still hasn’t worn off :)


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