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It was Valentine’s Day yesterday and we’re pretty embarrassed to admit that we forgot all about it until we logged onto Facebook in the afternoon and were bombarded with pictures of love hearts and flowers.  Whoops :)  I think that the most “romantic” thing that we managed to do was to head out to Bunnings before the girls bedtime.  Not quite as good as the year that we decided that it would be fun to check out the opening of the new Ikea on Valentine’s Day – it was crazy busy and our plans of meatballs for dinner were quickly postponed!

We are all for romance but it is a bit hard to organise babysitting and a romantic night out when the rest of Perth is trying to do the same thing :)

Valentines Day made us think about a part of our sessions that we don’t often blog about.  We value family photos and recording images of your kids as they get older but, if the parents are willing, we also love to take them away from the kids for a few minutes and get some shots celebrating them as a couple.

Butterbomb Photography Perth

When you are having a rough day – and this happens more often than anyone would like when you have little children running around the house – it is great to have a visual reminder of an amazing afternoon where you didn’t have to worry about cooking dinner, doing the washing, cleaning while mediating between siblings.

We have the following photo of the two of us hanging above our bed and it alwas makes us smile and feel that, no matter what the day has been like, overall we are very lucky and that life is pretty fantastic.

Butterbomb Photography Yallingup

Happy Valentines Day!

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