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We had planned on doing our New Year’s post yesterday, but unfortunately our homecoming on New Year’s Eve ended up being a bit crazy due to a rogue piece of reticulation in our front yard, an open window in our bedroom, and 10 days of warm weather.  Luckily it is all cleaned up now, although we still need to find some new flooring :)

Looking back 2012 was been a bit of a crazy year for us with Alyssa starting full time school, our first proper camping trip in four years, Tristan turning 30, renovations, and now a new baby on the way.  We are so grateful for the support of family, friends, and of course our gorgeous clients.

We have an exciting year ahead with lots of things to look forward to: We’re heading back to Esperance in a couple of weeks, Tristan is doing a fabulous photography workshop as soon as we get back – a Perth one this time which has made Monika very happy :)  Lexi is starting Kindy and Alyssa is heading to year One and then in May life will get a little crazy with the arrival of our newest family member.  We can’t wait!!

Our family received an origami kit for Christmas and we had a lot of fun creating paper craft while we were away down south.  When we asked the girls what sort of photos they wanted on our holiday they wanted to show you all our creations :)

Butterbomb Photography Gunyulgup


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