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Easter has to be Alexis’ favourite holiday.  There is chocolate and bunnies and then we get to walk around and look for more chocolate!

The tradition down south for as long as we can remember has been the “Hash Run.”  The Easter Bunny grabs some flour, sets the trail, and then everyone tramps around the bush and finds cirlcles full of Easter eggs.  Dots of flour mean that you are on the right track and the leaders call out “On! On!” to let everyone know to keep going, a cross means that you have to “Check back!” and find the correct trail, and a big flour circle means that there is chocolate nearby.  This Easter Egg hunt has been scaled back somewhat since we have been doing it with the girls but we think that in a couple of years they will be able to handle a massive one – especially if there are lots of eggs (and juice boxes for Alyssa who doesn’t really like chocolate) to keep up their energy levels :)

We hope that you all had a fabulous Easter break!

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