A New Sister | South West Child Portrait Photographer

It is great to see my clients again, and it is even more special when they have extra family members! It looks like Sydney will be surrounded by a lot of love as she grows up – her brother and sister adore her (and her mum and dad do too!)

We are heading back to Yallingup and will be there 3rd – 5th March.  We have time for one more session while we are there so if you are interested, and are in the area, please contact us.

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  2. I made the mistake of telling Tristan before this shoot just how happy and smiley Sydney is and how it would be pretty easy to get some good shots of her. She must have been listening and decided to prove me wrong. I’m sure it wasn’t the easiest gig Tristan has had… It was hot, there were flies, Syd was sick, there were flies, Sydney spewed, Jack & Tilly were annoying, did I mention there were flies?
    But in amongst all of that, Tristan was calm and patient and encouraging. I don’t think anything would have fazed him! And at the end of the day, we got some amazing photos, in my favourite place in the world.
    Thanks Tris!


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