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In January this year, I was lucky enough to attend the spectacularly awesome Art and the Heart workshop in Melbourne, run by Samm Blake and Dan O’Day. It was a very inspiring three days, spent in the company of some fantastic photographers from Australia (and even one from New Zealand!) We enjoyed squishy bean bags, great food, and of course crammed ourselves full of photography knowledge.  A huge thanks to Samm and Dan for putting on such an amazing workshop, it was an incredible experience :)

Art and the Heart ButterbombButterbomb Art and the HeartButterbomb Art and the Heart


Before going to the workshop, I was set a challenge to shoot a number of images that fit the brief “My First Memory”. I needed to shoot differently to my normal style, and just for added pressure I needed to do it in just 1 week! The resulting images are the end result of some late nights, and a lot of fun :)  It was amazing to see everyone elses projects, and then to be told that we were all given the same brief (even though everyone had such different ideas and images).  This was part of the You Thought You Knew You project.

Butterbomb Art and the Heart

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