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Our family was lucky enough to head back to Esperance for another camping trip this year.  Once again we spent lots of time relaxing at Wharton Beach :)

Butterbomb Children Photography Esperance

As the weather was a unusually cool for a few days, we decided that this year would be the perfect time to climb Frenchman’s Peak at Cape Le Grand National Park.  The last time that we did this was before kids – about nine years ago.

Initially we tried to convince some friends to join us with their 15 month old and luckily they declined because as it turns out Frenchman’s Peak is much steeper than we remembered! Both girls were happy to climb up on their own to start but after a while Tristan had to carry Alexis up (as well as all his camera gear) while I was dealing with a backpack and an over-sized belly.

At about 3 flags from the top we decided that we’d come far enough.  The wind was picking up and, although the girls were quite happy to keep going, we weren’t!  I must admit that it was a relief to climb down again and find a nice flat spot to take some family photos.

Butterbomb Family Photography Frenchman Peak

One last photo of the girls enjoying sand and the sunshine :)

Butterbomb Children Photography Wharton Beach

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  1. Such fun! Great memories for your girls ????


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