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If you have been following our Facebook page you may have seen that our gorgeous new daughter, Amelie, arrived 4 weeks early on 28th April.

The few days before the birth were a little crazy due to the fact that Monika was suffering from undiagnosed appendicitis!  After a few sleepless nights and two trips to the hospital the decision was made to perform an emergency Cesarean Section as Monika was in agony and nothing was helping with the pain.  At 36 weeks gestation the odds of Amelie being fine outweighed the risk of keeping her inside when something was obviously wrong.  As you can imagine, Monika was pretty relieved when the epidural went in.

Luckily Amelie was fine, she was 2.91kg and 49cm, and didn’t need to spend any time in the ICU.  A few minutes after she was born, we found out what had been causing all the pain! A general surgeon was able to arrive quickly to remove the appendix and, although the recovery from a double surgery wasn’t pleasant, Monika is feeling fine now.

We are very grateful for Amelie’s safe arrival :)

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Early days with a premmie have their share of challenges but we are pleased to announce that we are back to taking limited bookings as of the start of July.  Contact us today if you would like to make the most of the early sunsets and gorgeous winter weather.



  1. She is gorgeous, congratulations! p.s. your middle girl looks SO much like mum!

  2. Congratulations Tristan & Monica! What a beautiful addition to a gorgeous family!

  3. Thank you :)


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