Competition Time | Perth Children and Family Photography

We are officially back at work today and to celebrate we are having a competition!

Congratulations to our two winners:

Renée Brogden and Nicole Rodgers

How were the winners chosen?

Renée was chosen by the Rafflecopter widget below.

Nicole’s dream session (from the comments below) made it into a short list of seven extra awesome sessions – there were some amazing ideas there that would be so much fun to shoot – and was then picked by

Renée and Nicole please send an email with your mailing address to  We are looking forward to your sessions!

The prizes:

Two winners will each receive a $300 Butterbomb Gift Certificate.  The first winner will be chosen by Raffle Copter and the 2nd winner will be chosen by us from the comments below.

To enter:

Each of the following will count as one entry; the more you do the better your chance of winning.

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  3. Tell us about your dream session in the comments below.

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Fine Print:

  1. Entries open at 9am on Monday 1st July and close at 5pm on Monday, 15th July 2013. ***Due to our blog not accepting comments today the end of the competition will now be 9am on Tuesday, 16th July 2013 ***
  2. The 1st winner will be randomly drawn by the Raffle Copter widget.
  3. The 2nd winner will be chosen by Butterbomb Photography from the comments below.
  4. Both winners will be contacted by email and have their names announced on the blog on Tuesday, 16th July 2013.
  5. The winning gift certificates will expire on 1st October 2013.
  6. Bookings will be subject to availability and both gift certificates must be used for separate sessions.
  7. Prize is not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  8. The prize is not transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash.

Any questions?

Please contact us :)

Good luck!


  1. My dream session would either have to be at the beach or at the park and having photos of my little monkeys laughing and playing :)

  2. My dream session would be pictures of my 2 boys with my mum (their Nan). We lost dad last year and didn’t have any special pics of the boys with him. I would love a session for them in a pretty garden or park, having fun and capturing the magic of a grandparents love. They would have those pics forever.

  3. My ideal shoot would be a pirate or super hero shoot of my little boy! It’s been a really long time since I’ve had his photos done and he’s nearly 2!

  4. I am due later in the year I would love to get newborn photos of the baby, a couple single ones of my two boys and then all together photos. My hubby wants to wait until the baby is sitting but newborns are just so cute lol :)

  5. I’m due 4th sept. I have a 4 yr old daughter and never did a new born session of her as I couldn’t afford it. I would love to have these wonderful memories of this baby girl as a new born with my 4 yr old daughter. :)

  6. My dream family photo would actually include ALL our family members. Our current one, doesnt even have our son Levi in and hes now 3!! Desperately need an update :)

  7. As soon as i saw the adorable angels at a nature pk area, that is what i wanted for my boys in such a setting outdoors/ natural without wings though lol I would like a decent family shoot too in a similar setting. Love your work.P

  8. I’ve been searching for a photographer in Perth who takes natural family photographs and I love all the photos I’ve seen on your blog. My dream shoot would be at and around Lesmurdie Falls in Spring, just down the road from my Mum’s old house and a place I spent a lot of time as a teenager and young adult. I’d love some photos of my 4 year old and almost 1 year old on the beautiful escarpment overlooking Perth and I would really love a gorgeous photo of the whole family.

  9. My dream photo shoot would be one involving all of our close family. This would be very challenging as all of my daughters cousins live in the UK. The second best would be of all of our family in Austrslia and especially of my daughters (3 and 9 months) with their Granny and Uncle as it would be precious to be able to capture the love they have for their Granny and how much they idolise their Uncle!

  10. My dream photo shoot would be my gorgeous 5 & 3yo boys, my husband, myself and Tex the family Schnauzer, just relaxing in the natural bushland. I would love to capture the playful caring fun bond my two boys have. (And would love to throw in a vintage superhero theme – for the kids.)

  11. A beautiful beach session with my family. Loved ones + sea mist + beautiful sunset + filtered light + fluffy clouds + crystal white sand + beach grass + genuine smiles full of love and laughter. Perfect

  12. My perfect session would be a family one with my beautiful children and my husband and with me in front of the camera instead of behind it as that does not happen very often!

  13. 2013 is quite a significant year for us – within the next few months Hubby & I both turn 50! Our daughter will graduate from Year 12 and our son has just begun his teen growth spurt.
    My dream shoot would be at our favourite nearby ‘secret’ park, nicknamed “Treasure Island”. There are plenty of amazingly fun settings here: a jungle, a playground, formal gardens, a lake, a rocky riverbed and it even has white sandy beaches!

  14. A dream photography shot for my family would be on the farm where I grew up. There is a special piece of land called the ‘Scout block’ as it has been a camping spot for many years. There are big rocks, gorgeous trees, beautiful wild flowers and some local wild life thrown in the mix. Places with memories make extra special photographs.

  15. My dream shoot would be with our gorgeous little man – first photographed by you at 9 days old – for his first birthday in October. We’ll be leaving perth soon after and a shoot in King’s Park, our favourite place, would be a lovely way to say goodbye to the place he was born.

  16. Tia

    I would love to have some family photos with my husband and our 9-month-old daughter, along with my parents (the enthusiastic first-time grandparents). We’re keen photographers, but it means one of us is always behind the camera! It would be amazing to have some lovely family photos taken before our little girl turns 1. We love the outdoors, and with wildflower season coming up, a sunny day in a field of flowers would be perfect!

  17. my dream photo shoot would be a family one,
    as we’ve never had one with our two beautiful girls :)
    we live in bridgetown,so in spring with all the flowers
    and pretty green,would be a dream come true!
    your photos make my heart sing,i’ve been looking for
    the right photographer for awhile now :D

  18. My dream portrait session would include me in our family photo with my husband and our 4 young children who each have very different personalities :) i’d love for you to capture their love for each other in a beautiful outdoor location.

  19. i would love to have a maternity shoot done, after loosing 38 kilos since i was pregnant with my first i am now loving my body and would love to capture actually having a baby belly rather than just looking fat

  20. Would love to do something special and unique for my identical twins 1st bday in November…not just a cake smash as everyone does…any photo ideas?

  21. Love some in nature, tasteful shots of myself and my 9 month old daughter. Babywearing, breastfeeding and cuddles. Mum and bub shots

  22. My dream session would be one resulting in at least one picture where my 3 year old isn’t smiling like a cross between a maniac and someone who wants their teeth checked for poppy seeds!

  23. My dream shoot would just be HAVING a family photo done! We have three beautiful
    children (youngest is 2) and we are yet to have a photo taken of all 5 of us! Would love a photo that captures the fun and laughter!

  24. My son & daughter are such little best friends! super close! I have been waiting for my little girl to start walking so I can capture all the funny adventures that her & my 3.5yr old go on daily! Something natural & outdoors that I can print & hang on my wall that will always allow my to remember this exact point in time that I wish I could pause!! So precious!!

  25. My dream is to go back to the garden in Perth where my husband and I were married and have a relaxed photo of us with all of our children playing in the gardens and on the Peter Pan statue which was in my Mum and Dad’s wedding photos as well as our own.

  26. Thanks for all of your entries. The winner will be announced later today :)


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